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Monday, June 19, 2017

Generation.Next Tampa Bay: Dale Carnegie Training for Young Adults

Monday, June 19, 2017
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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Course Information

Today, the world is more complex, competitive and demanding than ever before. Young people often need to balance school, work and relationships while at the same time, working and planning for their future. Generation.Next can help teens become more confident and better able to cope with the pressure and stress adolescents face.
At Dale Carnegie Training®, we call them "skills that will last a lifetime." The course content focuses on five key areas that are critical for future success:
•Building Self-confidence
•Enhancing Communication Skills
•Interpersonal Skill Development
•Teamwork and Leadership Skills
•Effective Attitude Management
Generation.Next curriculum was developed with feedback from students and parents. It consists of 8 highly interactive sessions that include real-life scenarios and role-playing.
How Students and Parents Benefit:
Graduates tell us that their new skills have made them:
  • Highly focused on their goals
  • Better decision makers when faced with difficult choices
  • More persuasive communicators
  • Better prepared when applying to college or interviewing for jobs
  • Able to confront problems and challenges in a more positive way
  • Confident to speak up in class
"The Dale Carnegie Teen Program exceeded my expectations. My son's are now more confident and comfortable with their communication skills and overall interaction with others. The training is conducted in a fun and supportive manner, with lots of positive encouragement. I would highly recommend the program to any parent looking to make an investment in their child's future"
Chris Williams
Stew Leonard's
See what the teens and parents had to say about their experience in their own words.
For More Information Please View the Following:
Developing Leadership Skills Helps Teens Succeed - A St. John's University study


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The Towers at Westshore
1408 N. Westshore Boulevard Suite 202
Tampa, Florida 33607
United States

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Who Should Attend

Young people looking to improve the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their full potential.


Course Outline:

Session One
A. Build a Foundation for Success
· Learn methods to connect with others
· Familiarize ourselves with the Five Drivers of Success
· Expand our capacity to achieve our vision by committing to breakthroughs
B. Recall and Use Names
· Focus on peoples as individuals
· Create positive first impressions
· Use methods for remembering names
Session Two
A. Build on Memory Skills and Enhance Relationships
· Apply a process for memory improvement
· Become familiar with the principles for improving human relations
· Identify opportunities for improving business relationships
B. Increase Self-Confidence
· Use our experiences to communicate more confidently
· Communicate with clarity and conciseness
· Discover how past experiences influence behavior
· Reinforce the value of demonstrations when explaining information
Session Three
A. Enhance Our Relationships and Motivate Others
· Persuasively communicate in a clear and concise way so people are moved to action
· See how consistent application of the Human Relations Principles improve results
· Discover how relationships helps us advance toward our goals
B. Make Our Ideas Clear
· Demonstrate clarity when giving directions
· Learn to present information in a logical sequence
· Reinforce the value of demonstrations when explaining information
Session Four
A. Energize Our Communications
· Recognize that including action in our communications releases nervous energy.
· Become more natural when communicating with others
· Become more animated to energize and engage others
B. Put Stress in Perspective
· Recognize the impact negative stress has on our results and effectiveness.
· Commit to using concepts and principles to better handle stress
· Discover more effective ways for business professionals to prepare for and address challenges
Session Five
A. Motivate Others and Commit to Influence Others
· Influence people through trust and respect
· Achieve cooperation versus compliance
· Discover the power of finding points of agreement
· Understand the principles to demonstrate leadership
· Explore methods to minimize resistance
· Discover how to coach for improved performance
B. Think on Our Feet
· Communicate effectively in impromptu situations
· Apply methods that assist in communicating with clarity and conviction
· Recognize the value of presenting our ideas with confidence
Session Six
A. Manage Our Stress
· Increase our ability to control worry and stress
· Learn from others how to confront our fears
· Recognize that we can triumph over adversity
B. Put Stress in Perspective
· Implement a wider range of communication skills
· Apply the power of risk-taking
· Become more open-minded to change and opportunity
Session Seven
A. Inspire Others
· Communicate with strong and powerful feelings
· Connect with others on an emotional level
· Inspire others to think and act differently
B. Build Others through Recognition
· Concentrate of the strengths of others
· Develop skills in giving and receiving positive feedback
· Discover the value of sincere appreciation
Session Eight
A. Demonstrate Leadership
· Positively influence the attitudes of others
· Use positive approaches when coaching people
· Deal with challenging situations more effectively
B. Celebrate Achievements and Renew Our Vision
· Recognizable breakthroughs resulting from this program
· Inspire and motivate others by communicating our visions
· Commit to continuous improvement

1408 N. Westshore Boulevard Suite 912, Tampa, FL 33607, US

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